Assessment Graduation Alternatives
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Graduation Alternatives

Assessment Graduation Alternatives

With passage of HB 1599 (the “Pathways Bill”) information on this page applies only to students in the class of 2019 or earlier. More information for students in the class of 2020 and beyond will be made available in spring/summer 2019. View the resource page related to HB 1599 and legislative information on the bill.

What are Assessment Graduation Alternatives?

Assessment graduation alternatives are associated with the assessment graduation requirement for Washington state students. They are assessment options that are available to students meet specific Eligibility Criteria.

Most Washington state public high school students will fulfill the assessment portion of their graduation requirements by passing required state tests. If students do not pass on their first attempt, there are retake opportunities for these tests.

Some students, however, need a different method to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills required for graduation. Assessment Graduation Alternatives provide these students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills using methods other than state accountability tests.

For this reason, the legislature has authorized OSPI to develop state-approved alternatives for students to fulfill the requirements of a Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) or Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA) under WAC 392-501. In a small number of cases, students might also meet criteria to apply for waivers in lieu of fulfilling state assessment requirements.

Who can access assessment graduation alternatives?

In order to access assessment graduation alternatives, a student must first gain eligibility. Eligibility is based on a student’s testing history, and (as applicable) transfer status. For detailed information on the way eligibility is determined, please see: Eligibility Criteria, also in left menu)

What are the different Assessment Graduation Alternatives options?

Once eligibility is determined, a student has a number of options for meeting their assessment graduation requirements. For information on the different assessment graduation alternatives, please see: Graduation Alternatives Options: CAA/CIA/waivers.

Assessment Graduation Alternative options vary depending on a student's graduation cohort year

For more information on which graduation assessment options are available to a student by cohort year, please see OSPI's Graduation Pathways Matrix.

Guidance on Graduation Alternatives: Certificate of Individual Achievement Cut Score, Off-Grade Level Assessments, and Locally Determined Assessments

Guidance for IEP teams when determining graduation alternatives


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