Establish World Language Competency Testing
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World Languages

Establish World Language Competency Testing

For School Districts

Registration Testing Results

Samples of District Communication

Step 1: Registration

Schedule Testing Dates
Choose strategic times of the year to avoid other state testing windows and to allow time to report results on the transcripts.
NOTE: AP and IB exams are scheduled according to the College Board and IB calendars.

Student Readiness for Testing
Students can benefit from World Language Competency Testing. If students are not able to speak, sign (ASL), read and write in the language, they should work to improve their skills before testing. Consult the Language Options Spreadsheet to determine the tests for each language. Student readiness can be assessed in a variety of ways:

  • Can Do Statements—Students self-assess proficiency against Novice Mid to Intermediate-Mid level with the NCSSFL – ACTFL Can Do statements
    • Quick
    • Approximate, not individualized
  • Student Meetings—Students attend an informational meeting where they practice a quick write and a conversation
    • Thorough, accurate, screens out students who lack a skill (reading, writing, speaking) in language to be tested
    • Requires an after school meeting with teacher
  • Portfolio—Students create a guided online or paper portfolio of their language skills
    • Student-directed, open-ended, supports the student’s social and emotional connection to their home language, can be done anywhere
    • Requires Internet connection, younger students may need guidance, an educator should give feedback on the portfolio

Choose a Location
Reserve a location that is accessible to students. If a site is distant from the students’ home school, consider organizing transportation with parent volunteers or a school bus. The testing location will need:

  • Computers with a good internet connection for the STAMP, OPIc, and Custom Tests
  • Headsets for listening and speaking on STAMP, OPIc, and Custom Tests
  • Room for the Written tests
  • Room for the Phone Oral Interviews if scheduling the same day
  • ASL: Arrange for location that has approved video technology (i.e., videophone, FUZE) and provide the number to ASL point of contact or coordinator.
  • AP and IB Testing: AP and IB exams are scheduled according to the College Board and IB calendars.

Notify the students of testing options

  • Flyer
  • District Website
  • Weekend Language Schools
  • Counselors
  • ASL, ELL, and World Language Teachers

Student Sign Up
The registration process should be accessible to students and easy to navigate.

  • Districts with one high school—Hand-written sign up managed at the school
    • Highly accessible to all students, accurate
    • Hard copy only
  • Districts with multiple high schools—Online sign up with an online survey service
    • Creates a spreadsheet of students, students can sign up on any device
    • Students must have internet access, signups must be verified against registered students

Competency Credits for World Languages

   Updated 6/9/2017

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