Establish World Language Competency Testing and Credits
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World Languages

Establish World Language Competency Testing and Credits

For School Districts

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Help students earn World Language credits toward high school graduation and college entrance. What is Proficiency? (Tutorial - 42 min)

One Time Steps

  1. Adopt a policy and procedure for awarding high school credits based on World Language proficiency

  2. Email the contact information of testing coordinator and the URL of the district competency credits page to

  3. Decide who will pay for the tests and how to process payment. Possible funding structures include the following:
    • District Pays
    • District Prioritizes Funding
      • 11th and 12th-graders who need credits
      • Students who are in financial need
      • First time taking the test
    • Students Pay

  4. Set up accounts with the testing company based upon the languages and tests your district plans to offer.
    NOTE: Assessment providers listed below may update tests/languages offered. Check with the provider for the most current information.

  5. Budget Code and Payment
    The district should set up a budget code for World Language Competency Testing that can receive student payments and pay invoices from the testing companies. If a student pays for the tests, the student should be instructed to include the budget code with payment. The school accountant can advise on the best system to accept and track payment.


Competency Credits for World Languages

   Updated 1/23/2019

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