Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program
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Sue Anderson, Program Director


The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program

The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program was developed based on these core principles:

  • High quality teaching and leading are critically important.
  • Professional learning is a key component of an effective evaluation system.
  • Teaching and leading are done by a core team of professionals.
  • Evaluation systems should reflect and address the career continuum.
  • An evaluation system should consider and balance “inputs or acts” with “outputs or results.”
  • Teacher and principal evaluation models should coexist within the complex relationship between district systems and negotiations.

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TPEP News to Know

TPEP and Certificate Renewal
Beginning in September 2019, teachers seeking renewal of their certificates must include topics related to TPEP in their clock hours and/or professional growth plans. See TPEP and Certificate Renewal FAQs for further information.

Framework Trainings Update
Due to recent important revisions in the Stage I and II trainings in all three instructional frameworks, new-to-framework principals and assistant principals who have previously been trained in one instructional framework will now (beginning July 1, 2018) be required to participate in Stage I and all four days of Stage II in their new framework.

Contact Sue Anderson, sue.anderson@k12.wa.us


   Updated 6/1/2018

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