How to Apply for Safety Net Funding
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How to Apply for Safety Net Funding

Safety net funding is available to school districts with a demonstrated capacity for Special Education funding in excess of state and federal funding otherwise provided.

To apply for Safety Net funding for the 2018–19 school year, follow these steps:

Step 1:

  • Read the Bulletin Addendum (PDF) (posted 1/7/2019)
    Note: Information deleted from the original bulletin (B101-18) is noted by double strikethroughs. Information added to the original bulletin (B101-18) is noted in double parentheses.
  • Read the Bulletin (PDF) (posted 10/30/18)

Step 2: Complete the application forms
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Worksheet A

  • Read Worksheet A Line-by-Line Instructions (PDF) for information on Worksheet A. (updated 12/28/18)
  • Complete Worksheet A (Excel) (updated 1/31/19)
  • Updates to Worksheet:

    • Supplemental contract amounts added for 2018-19.
    • Worksheet A reposted with 2017-18 F-196 and 2018-19 F-195 data. The formulas in the Year-to-Date expenditures section at the bottom of the worksheet (B-E) were corrected.
    • Line-by-Line Instructions reposted to align with updated Worksheet A.

Community Impact

High Need Individuals

Safety Net Certification

  • Complete Certification (Word) Must complete for both High-Need Individual and Community Impact Safety Net funding.

Step 3:
Electronic Submission

  1. The OSPI Special Education Division has a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site for LEAs to use to submit their Safety Net applications. This is the preferred submission method. There are many versions of this type of software, but OSPI recommends the free version CoreFTP. Work with your LEA’s IT department to install this software.
    OSPI staff will be reaching out to LEAs that have applied for Safety Net in the 2017–18 school year to set up the SFTP for the LEA.

    Contact Amber O’Donnell at or 360-725-6075 if your LEA did not apply in 2017– 18 and plans to submit in 2018–19.

    For LEAs using the SFTP site to submit Safety Net applications, the LEA must transfer files through the SFTP to OSPI by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

  2. If your LEA is unable to use the SFTP site, the LEA may send an encrypted USB drive containing all required application documents. If your LEA submits applications on an encrypted USB drive, do not include the password with the submission. Instead, OSPI staff will contact the LEA for the password once the encrypted USB drive has been received.

    For LEAs using an encrypted USB drive, the drive must be received by OSPI by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

State Oversight Committee Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Deadline for Receipt of Application at OSPI

Type of Application

Oversight Committee Meeting Date

Meeting Location

March 15, 2019

High-Need Individuals

June 18–20, 2019

4220 6th Ave. SE
Lacey, WA

May 10, 2019

High-Need Individuals (Updates Only) and Community Impact

June 18–20, 2019

4220 6th Ave. SE
Lacey, WA


Final Verification Meeting

August 14, 2019

4220 6th Ave. SE
Lacey, WA


Applications Submitted

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Safety Net Rule Revision

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