Safety Planning Toolkit
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School Safety Center

Safety Planning Toolkit

The Washington State Legislature considers it to be a matter of public safety for public schools and staff to have current safe school plans and procedures in place, fully consistent with federal law.
(RCW 28A.320.125)

Guide for Developing HQ School EOP Plans: At a Glance
Prepared by the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools, this guide is the result of collaborative efforts among the USDOE, FEMA, Homeland Security, and several other federal agencies.
Download the guide.

Emergency Management Virtual Toolkit for Education Agencies Serving K-12 Schools
Introduction to the web tool for education agencies to use and disseminate to help with information, guidance, trainings, and tools on school emergency management in K-12 schools:

REMS TA Center EOP Interactive Tools
You will find interactive tools to support individuals and planning teams at schools, and school districts in assessing their knowledge of concepts fundamental to emergency management, and in creating and evaluating emergency operations plans (EOPs).

REMS Site Assess
A Mobile Application for K-12 Schools and School Districts to walk around buildings and grounds and examine safety, security, accessibility, and emergency preparedness.

EOP Assist 2.0 Software
One of the interactive tools is EOP Assist, a web-accessible software application for state agencies, school districts, and schools to host on their own servers. It guides planning team members through a process which will result in the creation of a safety plan built on Federal guidelines for developing a high-quality school EOP. All plans developed through this tool will be both customizable and downloadable.

Additional Resources
There are a variety of resources and web pages to assist schools, and school districts, with their safety planning and emergency management efforts.

Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
An action framework that structures service delivery to assist staff and students to create a culture for learning. Within the context of school safety, MTSS also applies to the Multi-Tiered Safety System, with each tier identifying policies, procedures, products, and specific populations involved in developing the safety framework.


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