High School & Beyond Planning
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High School & Beyond Planning

Resources for High School and Beyond Plan

What is the High School & Beyond Plan?

Postsecondary Enrollment Analytics

Career Guidance Washington

Guidance Curriculum for High School & Beyond Systemic Development: Career Guidance Washington

Read the Curriculum Map.

  • College and career readiness model program for student secondary and postsecondary planning
  • Lessons develop High School & Beyond Plan
  • Provides Personalized Pathway Requirement planning tools
  • Resources, templates and curriculum for development of school-wide program
  • 29-30 Lessons for Grades 6-12
  • Handbook — Navigating College & Career Readiness for All Students
  • FAQ: Career Guidance WA


Career Guidance WA Curriculum Grades 6-12

Link to the Lessons

Career Planning Legislation Our state law — RCW 28A.600.045 — encourages educators in middle schools, junior highs and high schools to integrate a comprehensive guidance and career planning program.

Career Interest Inventory

Set Your Education Goals: Graduation in Washington

State Board of Education Resources

Find the Right Postsecondary Choice

More For College and Career Ready Readiness

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