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Legislature and Government

Government Relations is responsible for working side by side with program staff in coordinating the development and implementation of the Superintendent's major policy initiatives. Our partners include legislators, school districts, parents, educators, the Governor, other state agencies, and education groups across the state.

2019 Legislative Priorities (PDF) (Word)

Supports for Students with Disabilities
Create a new funding model for serving students with disabilities using a tiered multiplier, which will target funds to individual student needs and promote inclusionary practices.

Equitably Fund our Schools

  • Allow school bonds to pass using a simple majority, as opposed to a 60% supermajority.
  • Restore school districts’ local levy authority to 22% of the district’s prior school year revenue.
  • Use balanced revenue to ensure funding is more equitable.
  • Provide access to new funding for school districts with aging schools in need of repairs.
  • Revise the outdated funding model for institutional education programs so students can be set up for successful transitions.

More Supports for our Educators

  • Increase supports for new principals and educational staff associates.
  • Enhance mentoring assistance for teachers who are new or who teach students with disabilities.
  • Provide more professional development days for topics including race, equity, inclusion, social-emotional learning, and mental health.

Build a 21st Century Education System

  • Support dual language learning by expanding grant funding, providing incentives to bilingual educators, and recognizing bilingual students.
  • Establish a pilot program for school districts to expand student learning beyond the traditional school day or school year.

Ensure Students are Safe and Supported

  • Increase essential support staff like nurses, counselors, and family and community engagement coordinators.
  • Create regional school safety centers and a coordinated suicide prevention and behavioral health system to provide supports to students.
  • Increase funding for the School Nurse Corps to meet the nursing demands of small schools.

Provide Multiple Pathways to Graduation

  • Increase career and technical education (CTE) course equivalencies so students have flexibility in meeting credit requirements on a path aligned with their post-secondary goals.
  • Expand access to CTE programs by tearing down systemic and financial barriers.
  • Increase access to dual credit courses, where students earn high school and college credit at the same time, for students experiencing poverty.
  • Provide multiple pathways to a meaningful diploma serving each student and their goals after high school.

Increase Access to Sexual Health Education

  • Require inclusive, medically accurate, and appropriate comprehensive sexual health education in public schools.

“Our students deserve an education system that does not allow opportunity gaps to persist. That can only happen if our system provides equitable opportunities and individual learning pathways for each student.”
–Superintendent Chris Reykdal

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