Early Learning Resources for Parents, Educators, and Providers
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Early Learning

Resources for Parents, Educators, and Providers

Full-Day Kindergarten

Kindergarten Eligibility State Law

State Guidelines and Standards

Early Numeracy

  • Early Numeracy Pathway, OSPI, in collaboration with the ESDs, has created an early numeracy “pathway” for child from birth through grade 3 that is a great tool for early learning and K-3 teachers when providing instruction in early mathematics.

School Districts and Preschool

  • The Department of Early Learning, OSPI, and the ESDs hosted a K-20 video conference on expanding preschool opportunities for children within school districts in January 2014.

    The video conference provided an opportunity for school district staff and early learning providers to explore how school districts can support preschool providers in their communities and, when it makes sense, how school districts might expand preschool programs operated by their districts. The videoconference included examples of how school districts have supported community preschools, how districts have blended state and federal resources to operate preschools, and information about the availability of additional ECEAP slots beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

    Potential Funding Sources for School District-operated Preschool Programs (PDF)

State Assessment

Family Engagement

Child Care

Special Services for Young Children (0–3 Years)

Early Learning STEM



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