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Bulletins 2019

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B007-19 02/10/19
+ 2018–19 Instruction and Assessment Reporting Requirements for Social Studies, the Arts, Health, Physical Education, and Educational Technology

Since the 2008–09 school year, school districts have reported their implementation of assessments in Social Studies, the Arts, Health, and Physical Education.

Learning and Teaching/Assessment and Student Information/Information Technology Services
B006-19 02/04/19
+ Student Enrollment in State Schools that are Identified as the Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss (CCDHL) and Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB)

This bulletin provides guidance to school districts regarding their responsibility for students attending a state school identified as the Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss (CCDHL), also known as the Washington School for the Deaf, and the Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) pursuant to RCW 72.40.010.

School Apportionment and Financial Services/Special Education
B004-19 01/24/19
+ 2020 Teacher of the Year Nominations

Every year the Teacher of the Year program celebrates the hard work and dedication of public school teachers and selects one educator as the Washington State Teacher of the Year.

Educator Growth and Development
B003-19 01/17/19
+ Annual Point in Time (PIT) Count of Homeless Individuals in Washington

This bulletin is regarding the annual Point in Time (PIT) count of homeless individuals in Washington.

Student Engagement and Support
B002-19 01/17/19
+ 2019 Student Travel Survey

The Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Health (DOH) are developing a survey, funded and supported by the Washington State Legislature, to improve understanding of how students travel to and from school.

Student Support
B001-19 01/17/19
+ School District Homeless Liaison Training

This bulletin is to assist local education agencies (LEAs) in understanding the professional development activities required under the federal McKinney-Vento Act.

Student Engagement and Support









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