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10 State Winners
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Superintendent's Choice

Artwork by: Oscar Ramirez
"A Subtle Reverie"
Oscar Ramirez
ESD 105

36th Annual Superintendent's HS Art Show Winners
Awards Reception held at the Old Capitol Building
Washington Art Education Association (WAEA)
Governor's Choice Award

Artwork by: Tina Miller
Tina Miller
ESD 123

OSPI Staff Choice

Artwork by: Katie Fergus
"Pointe of Perfection"
Katie Fergus
ESD 171 (North Central) and Wenatchee Valley Museum

State Board of Education Choice

Artwork by: Baily Anderson
Baily Anderson
ESD 113

Professional Educator Standards Board

Artwork by: Sarah Sui
"Mint Tree Blossoms"
Sara Sui
ESD 113

Jury Choices

Artwork by: Ashley Longanecker
"Color Play"
Ashley Longanecker
ESD 171 (North Central) and Wenatchee Valley Museum

Artwork by: Josina Henke
Josina Henke
ESD 113

Artwork by: Sarah Sui
"Flower Blend"
Sara Sui
ESD 113


Artwork by: Kacie Sheldon
Kacie Sheldon
ESD 101

Artwork by: Heather LaPointe
"Bus Stop"
Heather LaPointe
Puget Sound ESD 121

Artwork by: Micaela Grover
"Winter Tree"
Micaela Grover
ESD 112

Artwork by: Sophia Leonard
"Le poete blue"
Sophia Leonard
Olympic ESD 114

Artwork by: Jessica Maley
"Self Portrait"
Jessica Maley
Northwest ESD 189
(Everett SD & WAEA)


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