About the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
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  About OSPI

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is the primary agency charged with overseeing K-12 public education in Washington state. Led by State School Superintendent Chris Reykdal, OSPI works with the state’s 295 school districts to administer basic education programs and implement education reform on behalf of more than one million public school students. OSPI is housed in the Old Capitol Building in Olympia.


All students prepared for post-secondary pathways, careers, and civic engagement.


Transform K-12 education to a system that is centered on closing opportunity gaps and is characterized by high expectations for all students and educators. We achieve this by developing equity-based policies and supports that empower educators, families, and communities.


  • Ensuring Equity
  • Collaboration and Service
  • Achieving Excellence through Continuous Improvement
  • Focus on the Whole Child


Each student, family, and community possesses strengths and cultural knowledge that benefits their peers, educators, and schools.

Ensuring educational equity:

  • Goes beyond equality; it requires education leaders to examine the ways current policies and practices result in disparate outcomes for our students of color, students living in poverty, students receiving special education and English Learner services, students who identify as LGBTQ+, and highly mobile student populations.
  • Requires education leaders to develop an understanding of historical contexts; engage students, families, and community representatives as partners in decision-making; and actively dismantle systemic barriers, replacing them with policies and practices that ensure all students have access to the instruction and support they need to succeed in our schools.

Performance Indicators

OSPI staff align their goals with research-based performance indicators. Goals are reviewed by the superintendent three times per year to ensure our work leads directly to student success.

Funding Our Schools

The financial management of schools rests with locally elected school boards in the state’s 295 school districts. The state, through OSPI, supervises school district budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting to provide consistent financial management and accountability. The State Auditor conducts regular examinations of school districts’ finances to ensure sound accounting practices and compliance with state and federal fiscal policy.

Data About Our Schools

We collect a great deal of data about our schools and operations. The School Report Card is a parent-friendly resource for data on student demographics, student performance and school staff in our state. The new Comprehensive Education Data and Research System (CEDARS) is an online system that captures every district's data on courses, students and teachers.

Assessing Our Students

State and federal law requires testing to determine whether students are achieving state standards. Our state tests fulfill the requirements of the Washington State Educational Reform Law of 1993 (ESHB 1209) and the federal Every Student Succeeds Act


Washington State Public Education

9 educational service districts (ESDs)
295 school districts
2,300+ schools
1.04 million students
53,600 + teachers

School and District Directory
NOTE: This directory information may not be used for commercial purposes RCW 42.56.070(9).

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